Media International

Media International is an Australian digital media company that is a leader in creating expert, premium content across the key consumer interest areas of; sport, writing, eBooks, fitness, online education, fashion, home, pregnancy and health.

Media International’s portfolio of lifestyle websites offers advertisers exceptional opportunities to reach some of the most coveted and highly trafficked niche markets.

Keyword Rich Domain Name Portfolio

Media International is an innovative business with a portfolio that contains some of the most recognised, trusted and powerful brands in the digital media space. With an extensive portfolio of nearly 400 key word rich domain names we are continually building and developing our network to attract new audiences. From our PregActive.com membership portal to our eBookAuthor.com online magazine we connect directly with our niche audience.

Unique & Informative Content

Media International provides consumers with the quality content they demand and offers clients quality platforms to directly reach and connect with their target audience of consumers.

Technology and high consumer demand for trusted targeted content is driving innovation and Media International is constantly evolving and growing to adapt with market demands.

Media International creates communities of passionate users who want to share their knowledge and connect with others. Our unique online properties stimulate and engage consumers with authentic content that easy to consume and delivers on requirements and expectations.

Our Philosophy

We see every problem as both a challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity to develop, improve upon, exceed expectations, experiment, grow and create something that no one has envisaged or solve a problem previously deemed too hard to take on.

Our team is constantly strategizing, innovating and using the most advanced technologies available to offer valued added services and websites to consumers and also our valued clients.

Our Goals

To leverage our highly experienced team and IP assets to grow vastly scalable internet businesses that is focused on digital media, eCommerce and online publishing.