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Our Partners

User Generated Content

Media International has proven that informative and compelling content written by members of our global network of passionate digital contributors engages those consumers in their selected and targeted niche interest.

From day one, we have built, curated, nurtured and partnered with a vibrant community of content creators in niche topics of interest from around the world.  These dedicated creators, users and members provide premium content for thousands of visitors to our network of blogs, web sites, communities and social networking sites.

Our Partners – Advertisers

Media International has created our websites with the goal of also encouraging businesses and brands to connect with their target audience in a professional and ‘non-overpowering way.’

We provide advertisers the opportunity to get their brand directly in front of their target audience without being too overpowering or interfering with the viewer’s experience.  This is a ‘win-win’ partnership for all parties.