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The Business

Media International has evolved from a publishing business to become a recognised global media identity with a dominant portfolio of domain names and brands. We are on a fast-track to developing and transforming our large portfolio of domain names and assets into viable and fully functioning websites that serve niche communities and markets.

Media International is a company that was founded based on the knowledge that people want to connect with people of similar interests and source information for their chosen topic of interest. And we know that it is people that are the most influential creators and networkers for discovering and sharing information. We have created interactive platforms that provide people with a voice and a way to connect with like-minded people. We drive the idea that content should be accessible, engaging and informative for all consumers.

The Digital Revolution

Media International strives to drive the global digital content revolution by building out our network of niche websites and communities so it empowers our users, our members and our digital content creators to build a professional platform that provides our premium brand advertisers to connect with their target audience.